Best VBA for USA Paypal ( Micro Deposits Verify – Without Phone )



Product Description

Product Description

  • This bank works with any name and address on USA PayPal.
  • Virtual Bank Account For Verification Purpose only. Cannot be used to withdraw or send funds with.
  • Information is delivered within 1-12 hours sometimes even less which is standard turnaround time.
  • Your 2 small deposits will be emailed to you in 2-3 days.
  • This is 100% pure legal and safe.
  • Your US PayPal Will Remain Verified forever.

What About Buying A Virtual Bank Account To Verify Paypal?

For those of you that want buy VBA’s rather than open up more banks or use your own information, you can simply purchase from virtual bank account sellers who offer these by the bucket load so to speak.

We sell them as well as various sellers on the Aspkin, Talkgold, Bitcointalk forums too.

Why You Need To Buy A PayPal Virtual Bank ?

The simple reason is this, you need a verified PayPal account to accept large amounts of money, send large amounts & make the account stronger.

Typically with unverified PayPal accounts, you can still accept money, but there are higher chances that PayPal will look over your account much closer.

In many cases, there are times when payments are unclaimed until you verify your account. 

This would mean, higher chances of getting limited, payments reversed or money held for 45-180 days.

Do yourself a favor, save the headaches and verify your PayPal account with a virtual bank account.

What Details Are Given When Buying A PayPal VBA?

The information that is given to verify your Paypal account with a VBA would be the:

Routing number

Account number

Account type ie: Checkings or Savings.

ID/Pass : ( For confirm with Instantly VBA )

Most do offer instant verify which would then include the instant verify details such as the username and password.

All you then do is enter those details in Paypal and then wait for the deposits or if you got instant verification, enter the instant verify details to confirm it within a few minutes.

The deposit method takes roughly around 2-3 days to complete.


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